We Have the Worst Air

The news was so brutal, my mouth stopped functioning. I was eating at the time, so it wasn’t pretty.

My lunch partner (a fellow cancer person) had just told me that Cork had the worst air quality in Europe. (More here: LINK)

Let’s just get this straight:

  • Cork isn’t especially heavily populated
  • The prevailing winds come from the South-to-West compass quadrant off the Atlantic
  • We get more wind than ever these days

So how (and I choose my words carefully here) the bloody fukkity f’in frig do we have the worst air quality in Europe?!

My only conclusion is that they must be burning rubber tyres somewhere over the horizon southwest of Ireland. I suspect Brexit or Trump (or both) are to blame. Apparently, they are the cause of everything bad these days. Or the EU. It’s all their fault too, I’ve heard.


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