My name is Roger Overall.

Spierkater started as a place to put my running cartoons. It fizzled out, along with my enthusiasm for running.

Running became too much effort. Turns out, I had cancer.

I wrote a book about it. The PDF version is free here: Roger & Hercule.

Spierkater’s new lease of life

Now I’m past my cancer hurdle (for now anyway, maybe forever). I have found a clear purpose in life.

Like many people, I’m often overwhelmed and feel beaten by the relentless bad news about the state of the planet.

So I decided to do something about that.

I’m going to turn my life into an experiment: can a person live a life that is a net benefit to the environment?

That’s right. Spierkater is going to save the world. His corner of it, anyway.

I have distilled the experiment into three simple steps:

  1. Reduce the environmental impact of my daily life to zero.
  2. Make up for all the pollution I have caused in the past 51 years.
  3. Do an extra 1% to create a net benefit over my entire lifetime.

Looks straightforward enough. What could possibly go wrong?

You too might be feeling powerless about the state the earth. By doing this experiment, I’m hoping to find and offer you suggestions that will help you take action yourself, so you can regain a sense of control by contributing to rebuilding the planet’s health.

If you’d like to contact me, I can be reached through the Show & Tell Communications website. Spierkater is also on Instagram.

All the words, drawing and photographs here are © Roger Overall/Show & Tell Communications Ltd. All rights reserved.