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The Four Horsemen of Discord

Do you think other people are more together than you? I do. Everyone is better organised and more in harmony than I am.

What if that weren’t always true…?

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Why All the Hate for Greta Thunberg?

Yeah… Because hating on a 16-year-old is going to solve the problems we’re facing.

The hate Greta Thunberg (@gretathunberg) gets from some grown ups is despicable. I hope she knows there is a horde of us who hold her in high regard. She has unlocked hate in some, but for many others she has given voice to our own concerns and spurred us on to action. The world needed her and thankfully we got her.

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Nuke Nature

I’m half Dutch. (Bear with me, I raise this here for a reason.)

The letters of the English word ‘nuke’ can be rearranged to form a Dutch word.

The word is very naughty and not the sort of thing I can write here on a public blog.

Let’s just say there is a brand of clothing that markets itself fcuk. You can work out the rest from there.

Either way, nature is, well … nuked.