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If I Tied You to a Railway, Would You Pay Attention?

If I tied you to a railway track and told you there was a 50% chance of a train coming along at some point, would that get your attention?

The reality is roughly half the people reading this will get cancer at some point in their life.

Some of these instances will be virtually unavoidable (genetics is a rotter). Some will be avoidable, though.

Please don’t be all Jeremy Clarkson about it and think the scientists will figure it out. Yes, they are making progress, but there is no guarantee they will crack it in your lifetime. Do what you can to protect yourself.

You’re important. So please don’t tie yourself to the railway track. If the train comes, the mess is awful.

Do what you can to avoid being on the railway tracks:

  • food (tip: eat more garlic—not just good for vampire control)
  • exercise
  • stress management
  • sleep
  • clean environment

Please look after yourself.

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The Election Is a Disaster for Me

I’m hungover after yesterday’s general election here in Ireland. Both as a consequence of the exit polls and the two measures of Jameson I drank while watching the Six Nations in the afternoon. (Whiskey doesn’t agree with me, despite my enjoyment of it.)

The election results won’t be announced until Monday or Tuesday, but it’s already clear the wider population of Ireland ignored my wishes. (I’m starting to think this blog maybe isn’t very influential.)

Anyway, the Greens didn’t sweep to power. (I know—I don’t understand it either.)

It’s not all bad news.

As write this, exit polls put the three leading parties all on a shade over 22% of the vote, barely separated by the thickness of a ballot paper. I don’t think any of them give a fig about the environment, but one of them will head the new government and they might need the Greens to prop them up.

Although, when has power sharing ever worked out for the junior partner?